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Once you have created many ceramic work of arts, you might decide to start selling some to earn some extra income or start a business.

Online Bidding Sites

Online bidding sites are the perfect place for you to start selling all of your ceramic arts products. Basically, these bidding sites are like a small online store of your own. In order to be successful with online bidding sites you must provide them with clear pictures of products for customers to view easily. Along with your pictures, be sure to create a very detailed description of the product and set a reasonable starting bid price for your customers to start with.

Open Your Own Business

Opening your own ceramic arts store sounds rather complicated, but can easily be done out of your very own home in spaces such as your garage or a small shed outside of your home. Before starting your business, you should always create a budget plan, have multiple ceramic items in stock and have a plan to expand your business in the future. To find customers simply use social media sites, business cards and flyers. Once you start getting a good customer base, you will notice more adding to your list every day simply because of the word of mouth.

Create Business Cards

Business cards are an excellent start for anyone searching to sell their ceramic art pieces. On your card you should always add three methods of contact information and an address of where customers can retrieve their orders. This helps ensure your customers of being able to contact you without any hassle what so ever. Always be sure to check the spots you place your cards just in case the supply has run out. Some great locations to place them are in convenient stores, job boards and local business's.